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We steward only the best house designers and architects in Sri Lanka who meet the strict requirement of construction codes compliance and whose plans have the architectural details your builder needs to build a safe and complete home. By understanding all your design requirements and use of our experience in home building, we’ll be more effective in helping you as your architect, house contractor or house builder.

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Design & Build 

First, the estimated cost of the project is installed early in the process, which reduces the risk of going over budget later on during construction. The design-build process allows for more simplified project administration since all team members work together under a single contract.

Reasonably one of the most beneficial aspects of using the design-build method is the speed at completing projects. By simplifying every part of the process — from the design-build team selection to the design process to construction — the entire project can be more efficiently managed and completed much faster than with the design-bid-build method. And, because what can complete the project more quickly, the building can be occupied sooner and used for its intended purpose.

Camellia Architectural

3D Architectural Projects

Camellia Architecture
3D House Plan – Kahatagasdigiliya
Camellia Architecture
Thotupola Restuarent – Talawa
Computer Lab – Tambuttegama

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